The Phở Ice Cream

So when I saw an Ice Cream called anise, I had no idea what that meant. After asking around, it is apparently an ingredient with a licorice, which I am not a huge fan of, so it is needless to say that I was not excited about the idea of anise ice cream.

We bought the anise and just had it sitting in the cabinet for quite a while before I finally agreed to actually make it.

As you can see here the anise looks pretty cool.


This was another one of those ice creams that needs to steep for a few hours so we started by heating up the milk and sugar and then we added the anise and left it alone for a while.

Next came the custard as usual.

Then the chilling period which was more waiting.

Finally we could churn it then place it in the freezer to solidify and back to more waiting.

This time as I was sort of nervous about how it would taste I did not might the waiting so much.


I was wrong, the anise was actually pretty good; it was a subtle flavor added to a normal vanilla ice cream.

So far this has been a rather boring post not funny stories or memories like I usually like to add, but that is really because I have been holding back and wanted to save the best part for last. If you are observant you will at this point be very confused by the title of my post, if you did not notice please scroll up and observe now. As stated before Anise is used to make licorice; it is also used by the Vietnamese in their delicious Phở. Our friend Bob (see this post to meet him) is Asian (I know, I know, Bob doesn’t sound like an Asian name, but just go with it.) So he came over to try our newest flavor of ice cream and what we tasted as a subtle hit of candy, he tasted as a subtle hit of Phở!!! If you don’t know, Phở is a Vietnamese broth made with many spices, traditionally served with tripe (the lining of the cows stomach), beef tendons, thinly sliced beef, and veggies. Shortly after this Bob took us out for some authentic Phở, which was delicious. Anyways back to the ice cream, this obviously made it quite a strange, and pretty nasty flavor for him. I would think it would be safe to say that it has been his least favorite so far.


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