A Country Classic


When we began this challenge, we started by going through the book in order, which meant we had to make two vanilla recipes in a row.  In order to change things up, I decided to transform the ordinary (yet delicious) vanilla ice cream into an even more delicious buttered pecan.


Do you like buttered pecan?  I never thought I would, but it has become one of my unexpected favorites!  It is just so homey and buttery and creamy with just a perfect hint of salt.  Oh, buttered pecan, you have won a special place in my appetite!


Making buttered pecan is quite easy.  Whip up a simple batch of vanilla ice cream.  At the same time toast some pecans in the oven until toasty.  Remove the pecans into a bowl and add some butter; it will melt right into the pecans and transform them into something heavenly.  Add a pinch of salt, chop ’em up, and you are ready to go!  As the ice cream finishes churning, throw in as many as suits your fancy!



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