Somebody’s Birthday!

Amy and I love to host people at our apartment because we love to get to use our fun dishes and let people sample our ice cream.  I also really love celebrating people’s birthdays.  So, when we got the chance to host this birthday party, we were super excited!


The birthday girl we were celebrating is allergic to gluten, so we decided not to make a cake.  Instead we decided to make meringues, which is perfect since we have a terrible egg white problem.  (As I speak there are still two whole ice trays sitting in my freezer waiting to be used!! and six more whites about to join them!)


We already had a couple of ice creams in our freezer, but I wanted to make sure we had enough, so I churned up a batch of strawberry frozen yogurt.  Nothing goes better with meringue than strawberries and whipped cream!


We went all out with our spread and even had fresh fruit to go on top of ice cream or just for snacking.  Doesn’t it all look pretty!


It was a special day to celebrate a very special girl!


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