A Hot Christmas Party

So, if you have been following our blog for any length of time, then you know that this book includes some interesting or even weird flavors (eg. Creme Fraiche, Green Tea, Parsley). These flavors are often a lot of fun to make, like our Olive Oil Ice Cream party, but there are so many strange ones that as we have moved through this challenge we have started to run out of normal flavors. So when you are hosting Bunco at your apartment and you have a group of people, both friends and acquaintances, for dinner one night and they all know you make ice cream: what do you make????


Vanilla and Chocolate are already made; we can’t remake a flavor we know is good and we can’t make Rice Gelato! So we go through our list and try to find one that will be universally enjoyed. After a short while we came across Aztec Hot-Chocolate Ice Cream, which we decided was just right being that the party was in December.

This recipe was actually a lot of fun to make. In a change from the usual custard, we actually made Hot-Chocolate! We boiled the milk added cocoa powder, sugar, and chilli powder, which was pretty awesome. It looked delicious!


Next we had to sit around and wait for it to cool, which took quite a while. All that was left was to churn it.


We also made the Raspberry Sauce in the book to go with it, both because it wowed our guests and because it was such a sweet ice cream that it needed some toning down.


The results were reasonably as would be expected. People really enjoyed the ice cream and and the party was a success. For the two of us though, it was an alright ice cream that we enjoyed, but maybe wouldn’t make again. If you want a good chocolate ice cream just go with the original, plain chocolate found at the beginning of The Perfect Scoop.


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