Why is all the rum gone?

I have been waiting for chance to quote one of my favorite movies!!! haha 😛 extra credit points if you are the first to post the name of the movie this quote come from!

Anyways, there is a reason for the title of this post. The winner of the “Viewers Choice” Poll was Date, Rum, and Pecan. In order to make it properly, you need good dark rum which neither of us really drink, but we happened to have some in the cabinet as you also need it for Rum Raisin Ice Cream. These two ice creams combined have managed to basically empty an averaged sized bottle of rum, so understand that we are not playing around with our flavorings here!


For quite a while now we have been constantly stocked with all the basic ice cream supplies such as eggs, milk, cream and sugar. We try to make sure we keep them stocked so that when the need hits us we can make ice cream at the drop of a hat. I was not yet back at work, so I picked up dates and pecans so that as soon as Meredith was home we could get started.


I get out these HUGE dates and chop them into 1 inch pieces. Now that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but dates are sticky and honestly kind of gross!!! I soon had goo all over my hands and the knife.

The recipe requires that you heat up the date and rum together just like we did for the Rum Raisin (that is an interesting story). This time though the chopped up dates just absorbed all the rum before we could heat up the rum though, so we were not really sure what to do!


It turned into a strange looking pasty stuff.


Moving on, we began to make the custard which consists of all of the usual ingredients. Remember how earlier I said that we always keep things stocked, well we hadn’t!!! That’s right folks we were out of eggs and our milk was only barely still good as we had both been with family over the holidays!!! Pride always comes before a fall. So once again, as is seeming to become a habit, I had to take off my Pajamas, put on some shoes, and jump into the car to get ice cream ingredients while half of the ice cream sat prepared on the counter.


Once returning from the store, the rest of the ice cream came easily and quickly.

We roasted Pecans

Chilled the Ice cream

Churned the Ice cream

Froze it

Then, as we do with all the not-too-weird-but-still-not-appealing-to-us flavors, it went straight to my mom, who is currently thoroughly enjoying it!

Even though “All the Rum is Gone” my mom said that, “while it is wonderful, it does not taste as rummy as I would have liked.” So there you have it, if you like the flavor of dark rum, add extra in the ice cream. 😛

As I write this we are steeping another ice cream which is also a weird flavor my mom will want I am sure 🙂


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