Our Little Helpers

Everyone knows that the holidays are crazy busy.  Even Santa has to have a bunch of little helpers to get out all of those gifts.  Sometimes even ice cream enthusiasts need a little help from their friends.


On the menu: Orange Popsicle Ice Cream.

Note: You will see at least three different sets of hands in the making of this ice cream…none of them are ours.


To begin, one must zest some oranges!


Another person can take the zested oranges and juice them!


In the meantime, another set of hands can add the sugar to the food processor to be mixed with the orange zest.


Add the now orange sugar to the half and half, then add the sour cream.  Two sets of hands in this photo!


Add the orange juice!  And pretend the mess all over the table doesn’t exist.  This is key to ice cream making!


Blend until smooth and creamy!  Chill and then churn!  See how many steps there are??  And this one did not even require a custard.

As you can imagine, this one tastes strongly of orange!  If you want more of a dreamsicle taste, I would suggest using less orange and maybe some extra cream.  However, it was still delicious and refreshing, and not bad paired with the eggnog we had leftover from another event.


Although our hands were absent from this post, they were not idle.  We were in the kitchen making large amounts of pizza dough.  We would like to give a special thank you to all our little helpers.  Lynne, Faith, Samb, and Meredith, we could not have done it without you!

Hope all of our readers are having a Happy New Year!


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