I couldn’t imagine any other way of beginning this post than with this picture! Simply the remembrance of this pot full of God’s nectar is making my mouth water as I sit in my cubical at work. How did we create this you ask, just water, sugar, and LOTS and LOTS of plums!!! I would have eaten it just like this with a spoon, it was still warm from melting down the sugar…  . . .     .  .   .     .           .              .     .    .   .  .   . . .   … OK, back to reality! I couldn’t eat it yet because we were about to make it EVEN better, if that is possible, by adding cream and sugar! But first comes the worst part of ice cream making, now I had to LEAVE it alone in the refrigerator for one whole hour! It was torturous but I survived by leaving the house and busying myself with other things! Once time was up we pureed this mixture and added the aforementioned cream and milk, a short churning later and I was in heaven, it didn’t feel like it at the time, but it was TOTALLY worth the wait! (IMPORTANT LIFE LESSON INCLUDED IN ICE CREAM MAKING…. SAY WHAT???)
If you want to try this recipe yourself I would highly recommend it, a few things you might want to note:

–   We used plums that were hard and not yet ripe, in part because that was what was available and, as those who know me best know, that is the way I   like   them! They are more tart at this stage and I believe it helped balance out the ice cream and prevent it from being really sweet.

–    Once you have pureed the plum mixture then you should strain out the skins before churning, the skins become chewing and can be distracting from the heavenliness of the ice cream.


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